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dans le magazine Instant V, de mars 2022.
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Our history

Karine: "sugar is my middle name"

Attention sweet tooth! But not only !!! Karine Solovieff does not eat a lot, she eats often. Like Tolkien's little creatures, a minimum of five meals per day is required on a daily basis! 

Karine is a former journalist who is still a little so ... and who has chosen that her destiny will rhyme with praline from now on! So change of course: direction the CAP pastry.

Abandoning the pen for a rolling pin, she made it her mission to delight the gourmand (s) of Versailles Grand Parc, by setting up her micro-business of pastries Le Paradis des Gourmandes . Today, she is determined to pass on her passion to all gourmets who want to titillate the taste buds of their loved ones, and amaze them with their delicious sweet and savory creations! 

Within Le Cuisinaire du Roi, Karine is the guarantee of rigor with a touch of playfulness! It is to her that you will turn to discuss, organize and polish all the details of your tasty experience.


Jérôme: “there is nothing like sharing a good meal ! "

For his part, Jérôme Desvouges was… journalist !! Well ! It was a few years earlier that he turned to sausage, prime rib and Toulouse Nem. In no time, the journalist had swapped his pen to open a restaurant, like that ... For eleven years, he ran DESVOUGES, in the heart of the fifth arrondissement of Paris, whose motto was "traditional cuisine, but not only!" », A neighborhood bistro near the Jardin des Plantes. Among its specialties: Toulouse nem, envied by the greatest chefs of the pink city, traditional or oriental cassoulet or pepper stuffed with bulgur risotto. With him, Patricia's Cooking Workshop takes on a colorful and promising turn and he puts all his chef skills at the service of his guests at the Cuisinaire du Roi

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