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En cuisine !

Nos Ateliers

Our Chefs  have plunged into the world of gastronomy without warning! What wears them today: a  desire to share, to show that gluttony is not a sin , that conviviality remains a pillar of the French art of living !

At the Cuisinaire du Roi , Karine and the guest chefs invite you to join a friendly culinary experience and  tasty, in a small group of 8 people maximum .

Join us for a  gustatory balade  in the heart  from the city of the Sun King!

It is  a whole program that we propose to develop for you but especially with you, according to your desires!

Do you want to meet at private events? Consult our proposals on the page dedicated to them.

Would you like to offer a cooking class?

You liked our workshops, and you want to introduce them to your friends, family, colleagues. Offer them a gift voucher for the course of their choice! 

It is on this page that you can choose its amount. We will provide you with a code to pass on to the lucky gourmet, valid for 12 months.

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