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Our bespoke courses

Want to make a particular dish or dessert? Want to meet up with friends, family or colleagues? To organize a birthday party or a bachelor/bachelorette party...? Privatize Le Cuisinaire du Roi  for a friendly and gourmet time around our large central island.

We are listening to your expectations to make this privileged parenthesis a moment that suits you.

Each formula is designed to last between two and three hours, for a minimum of 5 people, and a maximum of 12 people

If you want an express course to make a meal that you can take away, do not hesitate to contact us, our passion is also to make you happy!

Les disponibilités

Grâce à notre Google Calendar, vous avez une vue précise des créneaux disponibles pour une privatisation quelle qu'elle soit.

Pour confirmer, contactez-nous sans tarder !

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